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Contra Costa County features 33 homebuilders currently building new construction homes in 47 communities.  Click the link above our map to view these communities and locations.  Now take the complexities out of your NEW HOME PURCHASE by working with a Certified NHCB Real Estate Consultant who will guide you through the more than 40 questions you MUST ask.  Here are just 6 of them...

  • HOA... is there an HOA, what is the cost, what does it cover
  • SOLAR... is it complete or partial, should I buy or lease
  • DISCLOSURES... which ones are often NOT mentioned up front
  • STANDARD HOME PRICING... what is included in the price of your home, what is additional cost
  • CONSTRUCTION TIMEFRAME... how long will it take to build your home, what is the closing process
  • PROPERTY TAX RATE... what is my rate, how am I affected by Prop 13, 19 and do I have Mello Roos

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  • WE HELP... identify and prioritize YOUR real estate objectives
  • WE GATHER... necessary information
  • WE PROPOSE... solutions to YOUR real estate objectives
  • WE ACT... set appointments and file required paperwork for you to see homes.

Contra Costa County population is 1,123,678 up 9.7% since 2010.  Median income $79,799, median age of residents 39.2 years, median home price $620,900, home appreciation the last 10 years 5.5%, median county property tax $3,883 (.71%) and the climate comfort index is 8.5 out of 10.  The average commute is 37.1 minutes and cost of living is 92.9% higher than the US average.  Contra Costa County public schools spend $11,048 per student and there are about 23.5 students per teacher.  

PROS... Year round climate, attractive setting, arts and culture

CONS... Soft economy, crowding, extreme living costs

So many questions, so much information and your time is limited by everyday life.  We have sources of information to offer you a "GRADE CARD" for these communities, A+ through F-.  Here are some of the categories...

  • BEST PLACES TO LIVE... for families, public schools, diversity, for young professionals, for retirees
  • ECONOMY... cost of living and best places to buy
  • HEALTH & OUTDOORS... healthiest areas and outdoor activities
  • THINGS TO DO... parks, coffee shops, restaurants and bars

While It is not our intent to sell you on working with a Realtor, because you are reading this, we will assume you have an interest in doing so.  If you are considering using a Realtor to help you find a NEW CONSTRUCTION HOME, you are not alone.  According to the NAR (National Association of Realtors), nine out of ten home buyers use a Realtor to help them with their real estate purchase, be it a used home or a new one! This fact alone helped homebuilders come to the realization that the builder's competition is not the other builder, their rivalry is the Realtor because Realtors control nine out of ten QUALIFIED BUYERS in the market.  QUALIFIED BUYERS are what homebuilders are competing for each and every day.  

From all indications, the sellable housing market is going to remain tight for months to come, maybe years.  If you have any questions, please visit our website and click on the Contact link at the top of the page or use the links right here...

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